YM is globally recognized and acknowledged by all who have experienced the nonphysical contact process. In many cases, nonverbal.

People have their problems resolved on the spot without extensive explanations and dialogs of why and how problems do not get solved.

The results automatically occur without belief, having faith, prayers, obedience, or conversion. It is strictly scientific and secular.

Dr. Yuen and his YMCC Associates have made it their mission to see that problems can be easily and quickly resolved accurately, and, to share their skills and the Yuen Method's beneficial technology with the world.

It is the human’s Physical Intelligence that extends the Artificial Intelligence of computers. It is AI that enhances human Physical Intelligence.

It has to be easy, quick, and accurate for everything to be resolved.

It has to be easy, quick, and accurate to solve everything.

There can’t be any waiting through lengthy eloquent speeches and discussions.

It never can be a YUEN TALK event. It can only be a YUEN FINAL SOLUTION EVENT.


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